Smallest of Infinities

Dinner was just an excuse for them to get together and catch up on all of those lost moments that had, once, made her become the happiest person alive but yet suffocated her. She didn't want to talk about the past but past was all she had with him and even though she tried to... Continue Reading →


Only One

She goes around, dreaming about something that she can't say. If she talks about it, people might judge her and right now, criticism was the last thing she wished for. The unexpected rain started falling and she sat on those old, wooden, a bit broken chairs that her dog always like to break more. She... Continue Reading →

The Look

He talked and talked about something really useless and senseless but she just loved watching his eyes flutter while he spoke. She tried to look at the sun setting in front of her eyes but she just couldn't concentrate. He was busy talking about something stupid and she was busy thinking about him. There was... Continue Reading →

3 A.M. Broke

And with a peep sound, the call ended and all there was left was calm and silent darkness. She just laid on her bed, watching the ceiling and thinking about the conversation she just had. There wasn't anything special or important that the conversation contained. Honestly, it was more of a silly and immature kind... Continue Reading →

The Dark Reality

I look around my house and people around me. All of them pretend to be educated, to be these modern thinkers who are literate and have this huge, fancy degrees. But what is the use of all of these fancy degrees when at the end of the day, their mind is so narrow? There was... Continue Reading →

Unfixable Pain

She turned around and saw him for the last time. Oh how she wished that he would, for once, notice her dark brown eyes and read all the painful lines written on it. She wanted him to ask her to stay, maybe not forever, but just for now. Eternity was not something she wished. Her... Continue Reading →


As she pulled her trolley ahead of her, her soul felt stuck in this small town. Getting out of here seemed impossible. This little town was all she had, was all she ever saw, was all she had ever been. This place was her home yet it had started suffocating her. In a way, she... Continue Reading →

Lost Anwers

There's a reason to why everything happens. They say there's always a good thing hidden behind every bad thing. They say everything happens for a reason. Something great is being planned behind every closed door, we just have to wait. Well, she was just waiting.....waiting for the lost answers. She was waiting for the curtain... Continue Reading →

The Brightest Mistake

Just that one look, that one hello, that one question was enough to ruin her whole night. The concert went on with that loud music and pushes but this time, she liked those push. She liked it cause it brought her closer to him. She felt his shirt against her skin, filled with softness and... Continue Reading →

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