Illusory Fairytale

It was 3 A.M. and still her blabbering had not stopped. She was talking about something insignificant and the words in her mouth went scuttering down, making no sense at all. Before picking up the phone, she had promised herself to be a little quiet and sound a little less stupid. It didn't take ten... Continue Reading →


Little More

With every touch, she got a little more addicted. She knew this would happen, that's why she kept a distance but she couldn't resist his charming words anymore. So she gave in and hoped for everything to work out. She liked the way his rough hands gently touch her skin. He listened to her blab... Continue Reading →


She was a complicated human being, they said. Yeah, she definitely was. Always indecisive, always confused. She stood in front of the weak bridge, connecting the daylight and the darkness. She wanted to explore the void in front of her but at the same time, she didn't want to leave the daylight. So she put... Continue Reading →

His Addiction

She just thought it was fun to talk to him at first but now she found herself looking at those old chats and laughing. She knows that she is going deeper in the darkness but she can't stop. He makes her swirl and she feels like a ballerina dancing around, on her toes all the... Continue Reading →

Birds Without Wings

Who was telling the story? And whose story was it anyway? The words fluttered and flew in the wind. She looked at her grandma telling her those bedtime stories, as usual. She pretended to listen to it but her mind was wandering in some other dream world. She only kept thinking about the unforgettable evening.... Continue Reading →

Just No Happily Ever After

As the singer sang each note of the song, her heart fell a little deeper. With every beat of that strange melodious song, she got a little more drunk. She wanted to be sane, a little more credible. She wanted to sound intelligent but his deep, brown eyes just made her come out stupid. She... Continue Reading →


She felt a little less tensed. Everything was seeming to get better. His heart was starting to beat at a normal rate. Her adrenaline level decreased but she still knew that a lot of work was to be done. His recovery increased her hopes. His internal bleeding seemed to have stopped and it seemed like... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Nirvana

She woke up and found herself lying with the dried, fallen leaves of autumn. She stood up and looked around, hoping to figure out how she ended up here. Her whole past seemed forgotten and everything seemed strange. Everything was dark and so quiet. She could hear the voice of silence. The only sound made... Continue Reading →


She looked back for the last time, even though she had told herself she won't, she did. Her will power wasn't that strong, maybe. She was walking bravely without trying to think about him but he was always on her mind and nothing could ever change that. So, after the longest of the seconds, she... Continue Reading →

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