Extinct Laugh

It had been a long time she sat under the moonlight and talked about nothing. She was bored of all these talks with all these fines and fake smiles. She missed the loud laughs over small, stupid things that came out for no reason. Just before a second, she felt like she had the whole... Continue Reading →


Known Stranger

There wasn't any bitterness or hatred between them, just years of sadness accumulated. She wasn't exactly over him but her feelings had changed. One time, she used to smile seeing him but now his presence reminded her of all the unhappiness and dark lies that she had to bare. His eyes contained mysteries that she... Continue Reading →


At times they love each other, at times there's only hate. Sometimes they walk with each other, sometimes they walk away. There's always problems and confusion but somehow they still be with each other. There are bitter truths and dangerous lies that never leaves any chance of hurting her. Every time he walks away, she... Continue Reading →

River Of Emotions

There was a party going on just a few seconds ago but now it's all black. There were balloons and music and people dancing and he was there, dancing with her. His hands were on her waist and she was mesmerised by the way his dark, brown eyes made her feel. His smile and the... Continue Reading →


There were screams and fires and all I could see was she lying on the ground, burning. I stood there, watching her. Not a part of me moved, not a part of me could think. I could see the people shouting and helping her but I didn't volunteer. They poured water on her, and some... Continue Reading →

Last Ray

She tried to decipher the various lines on his forehead. He pretended to laugh and enjoy but she could see right through him. There was a tornado approaching and only one person knew about it, his best friend. She tried to understand the thoughts going on his mind, but his mind had become a stranger... Continue Reading →

Fight to Lose

There wasn't many words uttered throughout their journey. She was walking silently and at times she used to turn her heard to see him walking while his head was turned downwards, looking at the rough, dirty, old road. She wondered about the thoughts going on his head. Was she one of those thoughts? Or someone... Continue Reading →


He was there with her last night but suddenly, he's gone. She was fed up of this. Sometimes he was there with her and sometimes he wasn't. When he alone with her, he would make her feel like some princess but as soon as someone comes, he makes her feel invisible. Maybe it's just in... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Stranger

She must've been walking for hours 'cause her feet had started hurting but she didn't stop to rest. She was finding something, something important. She didn't knew what it was but it was something that she couldn't live without. It must have been night 'cause there wasn't a ray of light to be seen. She... Continue Reading →

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