Everything and Nothing

She'd come a long way from where she'd started but something told her that she hadn't reached the final position. Even after reaching the pinnacle of her career, she wasn't satisfied. The little things still bothered her. The only difference from five years ago and now was that she didn't show how much the small... Continue Reading →


Looking outside the car's window, her mind was journeying some other world. She had went back to that night when his eyes were enough to make her drunk and just his presence made her blush. She tried to remember the conversations and quite astonishingly, she remembered every single word they said that night. The way... Continue Reading →

Alive or Dead

He knew how to shut her out and then reel her back in. He had the perfect timing. He knew when to call her and when to not. He knew how to make her aware of his presence but at the same time ignored her. The moment she felt that she was getting over him,... Continue Reading →

Black Hole

Things had changed, she knew but she expected some relations to stay the same. She was hurt and she wanted to scream and tell everyone about it but her old habit of keeping everything inside, was destroying her. She wanted to let it all out. She wanted to call someone and tell all about her... Continue Reading →


She wanted to go back to that night when they talked whole night on her yard. They talked about their future and past. For the first time, it felt like he was a part of her. Their was no distance between them, that night their hearts were beating at the same pace and for the... Continue Reading →

Fake Shine

The dark blank walls were haunting her. She was the most famous person in the world. The whole world wanted to be with her....talk to her. She had done everything she could do, to achieve that glory and fame and after going through everything, when she was finally standing on the highest peak, she didn't... Continue Reading →


It must've been a dream 'cause she couldn't remember it any other way. She was listening that same song over again that she had stopped listening a life time ago. It had been twelve years and she thought she'd come a long way from where she had started but the moment she looked at his... Continue Reading →

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